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A multi-purpose moisturizer, and a natural conditioner, lightweight hair oil helps a lot in facilitating the growth of the hair. Its magical goodness and refreshes along with the fragrance of Jasmine will provide excellent growth to the hair and helps in making the hair luscious, shiny, and beautiful. Coconut Jasmine oil can do a lot of wonders to your hair and scalp and infuse with the emollient ingredient to protect the hair and its scalp. As a result, many companies are there in the market that shows that their coconut and jasmine-infused oil is the best, but has an abundance of chemical loaded in it. Hence, choose M.M. Ayurvedic for getting the purest and safest hair oil for damaged hair.



We are an ISO-certified ayurvedic beauty products company based in Kolkata and are highly renowned for manufacturing multiple kinds of ayurvedic lightweight hair oil. M.M. Ayurvedic is engaged in manufacturing hair oil for the summer since 2006 and used rich industry knowledge to provide customers with the leading range of hair oils.

Features of M.M. Ayurvedic hair oil for humid weather:

  1. Our hair oil for daily use comprises anti-microbial and multiple anti-viral elements which help in treating multiple scalp issues. 

  2. Whether you have sensitive scalp problems, irritation, redness, or any medical problems such as Psoriasis or dermatitis, our hair oil for frizzy hair is recommended by hair specialists to use. 

  3. Being act an anti-microbial, the oil helps in soothing the dry hair scalp and also assists in sealing the hair cuticle. 

  4. It is suitable for all persons of both gender for all hair types. 

  5. We have used all the natural and pure ingredients in our hair oil for hair strengthening, hence it is free of chemicals and is skin friendly. 

  6. The hair oil prevents flair breakage and also assists the person in getting good and nice sleep. 

  7. Our coconut jasmine hair oil nourishes the hair and helps in providing a very sleek, clean, and subtle appearance. 

  8. This hair oil for split ends has a non-greasy texture and does not make the hair or scalp oily. 

Advantages of our hair oil for hair hydration 

Locks the moisture - This hair oil for hair volume is packed in jasmine and coconut, hence it acts as the emollient for locking the moisture in the hair. If you are suffering from dry hair for quite a long time, then this hair oil not only provides moisture and nourishment but also makes it smooth. Even if the oil gets applied before shampoo, then it will be proven to be more effective.

Encourages cell turnover - M.M. Ayurvedic lightweight hair oil comprises multiple anti-infective elements which help in soothing the dry scalp and hair cuticles. Our hair oil promotes and facilitates hair growth and also prevents the breakage of the hair. It has some good extracts of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins which help in boosting hair cells and makes the hair roots stronger and healthier.

Hydrates the hair and its scalp - The coconut jasmine hair oil helps a lot in moisturizing and offering hydration to the hair and scalp. Hence, it overall helps in enhancing the growth of the hair. This hair oil comprises natural nutrients and application of the jasmine oil. As a result, it locks the hair moisturizer and protects them from getting breakage.

Natural conditioner for your hair - The hair oil for frizzy hair helps a lot in soothing the frizzy as well as dried hair from the roots and does not make it get easily tangled even when the hair is open for the whole day. As a result, it helps in reducing hair breakage and promotes its growth.

Gives longer as well as stronger hair - Our hair oil helps in increasing the tensile strength of the hair and assists in growing longer and with fuller strength and volume.

How to use M.M. Ayurvedic hair oil?

It is suggested to use the hair oil for split ends by mixing it with the plain condition. Then make your hair wet and divide it into two sections. Afterward, apply it evenly on the hair and wait for approx 30 - 40 minutes then rinse with normal water to get the smooth hair hassle freely. 

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