Hair Therapy Oil

Hair Therapy Oil

Product Description

M.M. Ayurvedic is the prestigious manufacturer of hair therapy oil for hair growth and multiple other Ayurvedic cosmetic product in Kolkata. This herbal hair therapy oil is one of the best and most trustworthy formulations that is loaded with multiple healthy ingredients such as onion seed, almond, castor, olive, argan, wheat germ oil, Bhringraj, hibiscus, and amla extract. It comprises only natural ingredients and natural fragrances without any artificial ingredients used.



Since our establishment in 2006, we are manufacturing the safest and purest form of ayurvedic hair therapy oil and have made many prestigious customers. The hair oil is proven and tested to be highly effective in removing dandruff and stopping hair fall. We have many trustworthy customers who keep on purchasing our range of products and are getting the best results on their hair in very less time. Our company makes sure to use the best infrastructure, machinery, and technicians to make sure that the oil is pure and does not comprise any kind of toxic materials. The hair therapy oil for hair hydration is suitable for all kinds of hair and we follow the industry guidelines to make sure that the oil is fine and stands above the users' demands.

Features of hair therapy oil for hair volume 

  1. It is formulated using aromatic and medicinal curry leaves along with little hibiscus. Hence, our hair therapy oil for nourishment is one of the excellent remedies for hair loss. 

  2. Our hair therapy oil for hair smoothness provides deep nourishment to hair and also assists in repairing damaged hair. 

  3. The hair oil for hair rejuvenation comprises no artificial colour or fragrance, hence it is all safe to be applied. 

  4. M.M. Ayurvedic hair therpy oil for hair shine comprises of no parabens, silicon, lead, DEA/TEA, phtalates, mineral oil, etc. 

  5. Our hair therapy oil for scalp health is suitable for all hair types. 

  6. It provides intense hydration to the hair and keeps it moist for a longer time. 

  7. Our hair therapy oil for frizzy hair holds ISO certification hence it is safer to be used by everyone. 

  8. The ayurvedic hair therapy oil has multiple essential oils such as Limonene and Linabol. 

M.M Ayurvedic hair therapy oil benefits:

Delays the follicle miniaturization - As peoples become older multiple hormones blocks the hair follicles, makes them weak, and shrinks them. That's why using M.M Ayurvedic hair therapy oil for hair texture is a need. Frequent massaging with this oil helps in unclogging the hair follicles and also delays the miniaturization procedure and generates hair growth. Along with that, it thickens your hair and boosts hair density.

Minimizes the protein and calcium loss - Every hair strand is built using bone tissue with the vital protein called keratin. And as people grow older, the body develops the condition of protein and calcium loss which affects hair growth. The hair therapy oil for scalp health deeply nourishes the scalp, muscle, and bone tissues, and also helps in absorbing the protein and calcium for strengthening the roots and stopping hair fall.

Regulates the sebaceous glands - The skin of the scalp comprises multiple scattered sebaceous glands which produce the oily substance known as sebum for hair lubrication. Our hair therapy oil for dry hair helps in balancing the activity of these glands for the proper maintenance of the hair.

How to use M.M Ayurvedic hair therapy oil for damaged hair?

We recommend using our hair therapy oil for hair strengthening twice a week to get the best results. In an order to apply it evenly and get the best results, you need to apply the oil to the hair scalp and massage it well for about 5-10 minutes using your fingertips. Then massage the forehead using the oil to get the best results and then leave it for about 30 minutes and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. You will get beautiful and shiny hair always.

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