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Right from protecting the hair from damage to strengthening it, coconut jasmine hair oil can do a lot of wonders for your hair. The jasmine and coconut extract present in the oil helps in making the hair soft and also offer multiple ranges of benefits. This oil is extracted from the white flower bloom of the jasmine plant. For years, the jasmine plant is renowned for its sweet, exotic, and soothing fragrance. But for hair growth also, this plant is doing a miracle of things. As a result, coconut jasmine hair oil has become very demand amongst people. Hence, our company M.M. Ayurvedic, the premium manufacturer of multiple ayurvedic products brings to you the best of coconut jasmine hair oil. We have made the oil using coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, and jasmine oil. Our hair oil is very lightweight and non-greasy hence does not make the hair scalp or roots oily. 



Features of the Jasmine Coconut Oil:

  1. This coconut jasmine hair oil is a very light oil that is packed with coconut & vitamin E which helps in nourishing the hair and making it shiny. 
  2. This ayurvedic hair oil goes 10x deeper into your hair, moisturizes it, nourishes it, and makes it stronger than before. 
  3. It is enriched with vitamin E hence helping in the reduction of hair damage, repairs, and strengthening it to restore the shine and moisture which lasts long. 
  4. This is suitable for all kinds of hair such as straight, curly, thin, textured, and fine, and provides the same outcome. 
  5. The presence of jasmine extracts helps in offering a very pleasant yet refreshing fragrance. 
  6. The coconut jasmine hair oil nourishes and protects the hair and makes it luscious, long, and shiny. 
  7. It is packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which promote hair growth and provides a good appearance for any gathering. 
  8. To get the best results, it is recommended by hair specialists to massage it with fingertips. 

Advantages of coconut jasmine hair oil 

Softens the hair - The primary benefit of coconut jasmine hair oil is that it helps greatly in softening the hair. This oil is packed with nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and multiple other essential oils which help in reducing the dryness of the hair and scalp. Therefore, the hair does not get tangled easily even if kept open for the whole day. It gives very nice results for both men and women.

Combats the frizzy hair - The only solution which helps in getting rid of frizzy hair is to use the full of essential oils M.M Ayurvedic coconut jasmine hair oil. Just one massage with this oil into the hair scalp can help a lot in combating frizzy hair. Along with that it also makes your hair smoother and shiner.

Nourished hair - The M.M. Ayurvedic coconut jasmine hair oil is a very great product that helps in keeping the hair moist and nourished all day long. It is packed with ayurvedic materials which help in providing nourished hair. This oil effectively locks in the moisture into the hair scalps and roots and makes sure to keep the hair nourished and healthy without any kind of detangling.

Helps in treating viral and bacterial infections - As ayurveda is known for removing viral and bacterial infections so do our hair oil. It is infused with lots of minerals and essential oils which provide an antibacterial effect and antiviral properties. That's why our hair oil is highly useful in treating multiple bacterial and viral infections on the hair scalp and roots so that the hairs are kept healthy for a longer time.

How to use M.M. Ayurvedic hair oil?

It is recommended to use our coconut jasmine hair oil twice a week so that you may receive the best results in a steady time. To use the oil, take some amount of oil on the palm and then gently massage the hair scalp right from the roots. Keeps the hair as it is for 30-40 minutes then wash it off or you can also keep it for a day or two as it is a non-greasy and non-sticky oil. 

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