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For ages, Ayurveda is renowned worldwide for its approach that provides solutions to all the issues a human cannot think for. No matter whether a person has some hair-related issues or body related, Ayurveda offers a solution for all. With the help of Ayurveda, you are not only healing your body externally, instead internally as well. That is the only reason, why Ayurvedic products have been used and trusted by customers for ages.



In this hectic and stressful lifestyle, people of both genders are experiencing multiple kinds of problems not only in their bodies but also severe hair problems. For this reason M.M. Ayurvedic, an esteemed manufacturer of Ayurvedic beauty products brings the purest Ayurveda solution for your hair. When it comes to natural hair oil, we have multiple products for your lovely hair which include Nimbus Hair therapy oil, Alta tulsi hair oil, Nimb us ayurvedic hair oil, ayurvedic cool oil, tulsi cool oil pouch, lite hair oil, and many more. We assure you that our product range will help you a lot in getting rid of scalp issues, hair loss, and dandruff, and gives a shiny yet thicker hair always.

Features of our ayurvedic hair growth oil:

  1. It is made with the 8 natural herbs extract which provides the complete care and required nutrition to your hair. 

  2. Our ayurvedic oil helps in maintaining the natural black and shiny hairs. 

  3. The oil helps in restoring the elasticity of the hair strands. 

  4. It helps in preventing the hair to get shredded. 

  5. The coconut hair oil treatment helps in soothing the scalp and reduces hair inflammation. 

  6. It acts as a natural moisturizer for your hair, hence you do not need to use any chemically loaded hair masks. 

  7. It automatically detangles and provides conditioning and nourishment to the hair. 

  8. The oil is infused with antifungal and antibacterial properties which help in getting rid of scalp issues. 

Benefits of Ayurvedic hair oil 

Prevents hair loss - The herbal hair oil manufactured by M.M. Ayurvedic helps in decreasing hair fall. It has multiple kinds of oils such as Bhringraj, Jasud, Galo, Jethimad, and Amla which helps in treating hair loss from roots. Our oil provides the required nutrients and nourishment to your hair roots and helps in preventing hair fall to a greater extent. The hair oil is also loaded with the mineral, hence it completes the mineral deficiency in your hair and makes it shiny and healthy.

Provides calm and relief and reduces tension and stress - It has been found that taking coconut oil hair treatment gives a very calming and soothing relief to people. This oil will help in clearing the head and eases your body. The herbs and nutrients found in this oil will also give a nice effect on the mental state. By using M.M. Ayurvedic hair oil, you will never get the symptoms of anxiety and tension in your mind and body. Just one massage with the oil helps in taking away all the tiredness and makes your mind and body refresh.

Hair growth - Everyone irrespective of gender desires to have long, shiny, and healthy hair. But this fast and full of stress life does not allow the person to spend hours on their hair treatment. That's why massaging regularly with our ayurvedic hair growth oil will help in bringing back the bouncy hairs. Our oil increases blood circulation and promotes hair growth.

Brings shine - Our herbal hair oil is also beneficial in conditioning the hair and bringing back the usual shine. Indians still prefer to use Ayurvedic hair oils before shampooing their hair to get smooth, detangled, and shiny hair. It replenishes the dry scalp and fixes the damaged hair to prevent it from getting oily. After one use, the results of the oil will start coming on the hairs.

How to use the M.M. Ayurvedic hair oil?

The best way of applying and getting the best result of the natural hair oil is to heat up a little before applying. This trick will increase the benefit got from the oil and can easily get absorbed into your hair and its scalp. We suggest using and applying the hair oil at night so that your hair can capture and lock all the nutrients and strengthen hair. 

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