Ayurvedic Prickly Heat Powder

Ayurvedic Prickly Heat Powder

Product Description

Tulsi, usually referred to as holy basil, is a herb that is frequently used in traditional medicine for its calming and anti-inflammatory effects. It could ease burning and irritated skin when used as a component of talcum powder. Numerous advantageous qualities of our powder can be fantastic for your skin. The natural deodorant property may prevent body odour and keep you feeling fresh throughout the day, while the peaceful and tranquil aroma can help to relax and soothe both the mind and body. The antibacterial and antifungal characteristics of the powder can aid in defending the skin against noxious microorganisms and fungi that can result in infections and other skin issues, while the antiseptic properties can aid in preventing infections and promoting skin health. Additionally, the peculiar cooling effect of the powder can aid in soothing and refreshing the skin, particularly in hot and muggy conditions.



Use tulsi talcum powder as directed to get immediate relief from burning feelings:

  • Use cool water to gently wash and dry the afflicted area.
  • Apply some tulsi talcum powder to the affected region using a tiny amount.
  • Make sure to completely cover the affected region as you gently press the powder into the skin.
  • Allow the powder to sit on the skin for a few minutes so it can absorb and start working its magic.
  • Seek medical help if the burning feeling lasts or gets worse.

AYURVEDIC TALCUM POWDER is capable of working against a common skin condition called prickly heat develops when sweat becomes trapped in the skin's pores, causing discomfort and inflammation. By absorbing extra moisture and keeping the skin dry, prickly heat talcum powder can aid with symptoms. Calamine, starch, and zinc oxide are common constituents in talcum powder for prickly heat that serve to calm and shield the skin. It's critical to select talcum powder that is appropriate for your skin type and doesn't include any harsh chemicals that can aggravate your skin further.

The powder's capacity to reduce rashes, skin irritation, prickly heat, and itching might enhance general comfort and quality of life. The powder's capacity to nourish the skin and lessen moisture loss can also aid in preventing dryness, cracking, and other skin conditions, leaving your skin feeling smooth, supple, and healthy.

Since our company's founding in 2006, we have been producing and delivering our valued customers Ayurvedic Tulsi Talcum Powder of the highest calibre. Under the supervision of our skilled personnel, the provided powder is processed at our cutting-edge formulating facility using pure and natural tulsi leaf extracts and cutting-edge processing methods. Ayurvedic Tulsi Cool Talc - Prickly Heat Powder is sold at affordable prices and comes in a variety of packing.

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